The importance of the English Programs for Corporations

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Helps businesses understand customer needs cmore accurately and deeply.

Equipping the workforce with professional English communication skills helps businesses gain a competitive advantage and enhance professionalism compared to industry competitors.

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One-on-One Online Program for Working Adults

Giventhe strong trend of international integration today mastering English is a significant advantage that helps working individuals have more opportunities for career advancement. However,  with the demanding workload nowadays, it is not easy to participate in English language training at language centers.

Understanding this challenge, Axcela has launched a 1-on-1 online English course tailored for working individuals based on the CEFR framework

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    Practicing pronunciation and reflexes on our exclusive app.

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    Interactive class sessions with the teacher

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    One-on-one practice sessions for listening, speaking, and pronunciation with a personal coach during free time

Assessment for Workplace English Language Proficiency


Helps business choose the right candidates who meet the English communication requirements right in the beginning.

Helps business evaluate employees' overall English Communication skills at work  to provide proper and cost-effectiveness internal English training program in the future.

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