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For over 50 years, Intel has profoundly influenced the world, driving business and societal development through groundbreaking innovations that have changed our way of life. To achieve this, customers and talented employees are at the center of everything they aim for. With this goal in mind, to ensure the best development for their workforce, Intel conducts rigorous evaluations of all training programs organized within the company.

Regarding English language training, Axcela is proud to be the trusted partner of Intel Products Vietnam for the past 10 years due to commitments to continuous innovation, improving training quality, and always acting in the best interest of the customer.

The structure of the English language course currently implemented includes:

  1. Employees are selected for one of two fixed sessions each week to join classes with colleagues.
  2. Each employee is assigned a Personal Coach for additional English practice outside of working hours, with flexible scheduling based on factory shifts.
  3. Use of licensed accounts on US-based apps for listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice during free time.

Training Outcome:

100% of Intel Products Vietnam learners have achieved the goal of advancing 1 CEFR level after each course, meeting the requirements for daily work communication at the factory and international assignments. The end-of-course assessment is conducted by an independent examination body following US CEFR standards, ensuring transparency and objectivity as Axcela commits to its customers.

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