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axcela vietnam 03/05/2024

With the goal of elevating VNG’s Game Products to a global scale in 2022-2023, ZPS (ZingPlay Studio), a department within VNG – the leading game publisher in Vietnam, organized 110 one-on-one training sessions for 110 employees with Axcela’s program, comprising:

  • 10% high-level leadership participating in the Presentation & Meeting (Business English) program with the aim of using English professionally and fluently in exchanges with partners and customers.

  • 90% potential employees, organized by the company to participate in the standard CEFR communication program with highly satisfactory results.

Program Structure

  1. Participation in online one-on-one sessions with native instructors from Axcela.

  2. Daily one-on-one communication practice with a personal coach.

Program Outcome (CEFR program)

  • 100% of ZPS learners improved by one CEFR level after the course and were assessed by an independent entity.
  • Among them, 5 learners advanced a two-level increase in CEFR proficiency after just one course.

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