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To ensure smooth operations at the factory in VSIP Bac Ninh, MICROSOFT, a global technology leader, has planned to enhance the English communication skills of its engineering team. However, during the implementation process, the company encountered some challenging issues in organizing English programs for the engineering team, such as:

  • Shift work schedules making it difficult to arrange class times, resulting in low participation rates that declined towards the end of the course.
  • Receiving positive reports from the training center, but seeing limited actual progress among learners.
  • Investing significant time and costs to ensure learners meet the English requirements for their roles.

Axcela’s training program provided an optimal solution for the manufacturing department, ensuring that 100% of MICROSOFT’s learners achieved the expected outcomes. 

Program Structure:

  • Learners only needed to arrange one fixed session per week to attend classes with colleagues.
  • Each learner had a Personal Coach for additional English practice outside of working hours, tailored to individual needs. Class schedules were flexible to accommodate factory shifts.
  • Learners used licensed accounts on U.S.-based apps for listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice during their free time.

Program Outcome:

After 24 weeks, 100% of MICROSOFT’s learners achieved CEFR A2 proficiency, meeting the daily work communication requirements at the factory. The end-of-course assessment was conducted independently following CEFR standards from the United States, ensuring transparency and objectivity as Axcela commits to its customers

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