Axcela x ATS JSC

axcela vietnam 03/05/2024

With the mission of “To become a leading company in the field of integrated equipment and information for automation, always ensuring customer satisfaction and providing each individual within the company with a materially abundant and spiritually enriched life,” enhancing the capabilities of its engineering team has always been one of ATS’s top priorities – a leading provider of Substation Automation solutions for the energy sector in Vietnam. Therefore, ensuring the best learning experience for employees with maximum effectiveness is what ATS seeks and achieves through the training program at Axcela.

Course Structure

  1. Participate in weekly online sessions with a Personal Trainer.
  2. One-on-one online practice with a Personal Coach, with flexible scheduling.
  3. Access to listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice through an exclusive app from the United States throughout the course.

Training Outcomes

After 24 weeks of training (6 months), 83% of ATS trainees meet the course requirements and successfully achieve the initial learning objectives: completing CEFR levels A2 or B1 to meet job demands. The end-of-course assessment is conducted by an independent examination body, following US CEFR standards, ensuring transparency and objectivity – a commitment that Axcela consistently upholds for its clients.

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