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axcela vietnam 03/05/2024

Despite being an IT company from Japan where Japanese is the primary language used, IVC (Intelligence Vietnam Corporation) has always aimed to develop English language skills for its employees and has partnered with Axcela for over 3 years, training nearly 100 employees from various departments. The leadership at IVC understands that when choosing a training program for any goal, ensuring maximum effectiveness and minimizing investment risks are prerequisites. This is exactly what Axcela has been providing to its customers.

Program Structure:

  1. Each English communication course for IVC employees lasts for 6 months, with the goal of advancing by 1 CEFR level after completion. Each learner will:
    • Attend classroom sessions with Vietnamese or native-speaking teachers.
    • Have a Personal Coach assigned for additional English practice outside of working hours to maintain reflexes and personalized English learning based on classroom content.
    • Access an exclusive US-based app account for listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice throughout the course.
    • Participate in regular English club sessions organized specifically for IVC.

Training Outcome:

After multiple training courses, the completion rate and achievement of learning objectives by IVC employees consistently exceed 95%. The end-of-course assessment is conducted by an independent examination body following US CEFR standards to ensure transparency and objectivity, aligning with Axcela’s commitment to its customers.

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